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  • All-About-Judaism-3-essential-Judaic-reference-works-on-one-CD-Win-Mac_large.jpg All-About-Judaism-3-essential-Judaic-reference-works-on-one-CD-Win-Mac_large.jpg

All About Judaism. 3 essential Judaic reference works on one CD (Win / Mac)


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Comes in a flat pack.

All About Judaism consists of three great Jewish reference works on one CD-ROM:

  • The Encyclopedia of Judaism
  • The Jewish Primer
  • The Dictionary of Jewish Biography

You can choose to browse or search through any of them and enjoy photos and relevant sound bytes.

  • The Encyclopedia of Judaism
    A concise, one-volume masterpiece, the Encyclopedia of Judaism features over 1,000 illuminating articles covering a vast array of topics, ranging from biographical entries on the heroic rabbis of Jewish history to the customs and traditions of Jewish communities throughout the world.

  • The Jewish Primer
    Written for those who seek greater knowledge of Jewish religion and culture, The Jewish Primer follows the same question/answer format used in traditional Jewish education. With a sensitive look at the tenets of Judaism as derived from the Torah and the Talmud together with a thorough appreciation of the rich tapestry of custom, ritual and law that embroiders Jewish life, this is the perfect introductory reference for Jews and non-Jews alike.

    "One of the best introductions in a long time for Jews and non-Jews alike to the tenets of traditional Judaism. Highly Recommended." - Library Journal

  • The Dictionary of Jewish Biography
    A valuable resource of information on major figures in Jewish history, the Dictionary of Jewish Biography features almost 1,000 biographies of famous Jewish figures throughout the ages.

System Requirements:

PC with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista, 32MB RAM minimum, CD-ROM drive, sound card or
Mac with OS 8.6 or later (Built for OS X), CD-ROM drive, 20 MB free disk space to run from the CD or 75 MB to install on the hard drive, 8 MB RAM minimum

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