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All the Best Israeli Children's Songs. 5 CD Set

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Number of CD(s) in package: 5 

This is the most complete, the most superb collection of Israeli children's music ever compiled!  Five CDs in a deluxe keepsake box with a 94-page book featuring all the Hebrew lyrics!  This is the perfect set, a must-have in any Jewish home, synagogue, or day school. 

The package includes 190 songs -- the original best-known recordings by some of Israel's most beloved performers, representing six decades or more of children's music in Israel! 

The artists featured on these discs include Chava Alberstein, Arik Einstein, Gidi Gov, Ilanit, Yehoram Gaon, Uzi Hitman, Matti Caspi, David Broza, and more. 

CD 1: Playtime and Birthday Songs

42 Songs, including:


* Uga Uga

* Yadayim Lama'ala

* Eser Etzba'ot Li Yesh

* Esh Lanu Taish



* Simi Yadech

* Shnayim Sinim



* Hayom Yom Huledet




CD 2: Toddler's Songs

40 Songs, including:


* Yonatan Hakatan



* Shaon Ben Chail

* Hadoar Ba Hayom

* Bamedinat Hagamadim



* Gina Li


CD 3: Songs about Animals and Festivals

34 Songs, including:


* Hashafan Hakatan

* Parash (Rutz Ben Susi)

* Ken Latzipor



* Etzeh Li El Haya'ar

* Bo Elai Parpar Nechmad



* Bo Elai Parpar Nechmad



* Agala Im Susa




CD 4: Songs about Holidays and Seasons

48 Songs, including:


* Shana Tova

* Sevivon Sov Sov Sov

* Ner Li

* Ani Purim

* Avadim Hayinu

* Hayom Yom Shishi


CD 5: Kid's Songs that Grownups Love Too

26 Songs, including:


* Adon Choco

* Gali

* Laila

* Tni Li Yad

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