Carta's Dictionary of Administration & Human Resources. English-Hebrew Hebrew-English (Hardcover)

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by Yossi Angel

Carta's dictionaries for the business world (English-Hebrew, Hebrew- English) contain over 120,000 professional terms, covering a wide range of fields. Thousands of general terms have also been included, in order to facilitate comprehension of the professional terms and formulation of additional terms. Numerous idioms are provided as well.

Experts in business- and language-related fields, aided by over 40 English dictionaries and glossaries and more than 250 Hebrew sources, took part in the preparation of these dictionaries.

The broad scope and user-friendliness of Carta’s Dictionaries for the Business World make it and extremely valuable tool for professionals in all business spheres.

Carta’s Dictionary of Administration & Human Resources (English- Hebrew, Hebrew- English) contains over 35,000 professional terms.

Hardcover, 564 pages


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