David Broza. Third Language (Safa Shlishit) (2011)

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David Broza, one of Israel's most beloved musicians, has for many years been thrilling audiences with his brilliant and emotional compositions, his uniquely powerful yet nuanced voice, and his virtuoso Spanish-influenced guitar playing.

This is Broza's first Hebrew-language album of new material in nine years, and it contains 15 new songs written and composed by David Broza himself. It seems that listening to his music is becoming more emotionally and musically complex and satisfying with every passing year. This is truly a remarkable album.

1. Safa Shlishit

2. Balaila Shekazeh

3. Ein Li Menuha

4. Zer Ga'aguim

5. Gashum Be-New York

6. Keven Adam Ani Hafetz

7. Aharei Kol Ma She'avarnu

8. Halo

9. Sha'at Arbayim

10. Holem

11. Zechut Le'ahava

12. Roked Levad

13. Le'an Shelo

14. Yesh Li Ahava

15. Zera'im Ba'avir


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