From Majestic Peaks to a Valley of Tears

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Take a fascinating tour from the comfort of your home!


This 3-CD set includes more than 3 hours of captivating video, breathtaking photos, riveting history and inspiring talks and Torah.

Click your mouse and choose from:

  • The Maggid's lectures
  • Talks of guest orators
  • Maps
  • Photographs
  • Video footage


With these CDs you are there, so come along!


  • DISC 1: Reb Elimelech, Chozeh of Lublin, Ger Dynasty, Rav Meir Shapiro
  • DISC 2: Ramoh, Bach, Tosfos Yom Tov, Netziv, Sarah Schenirer
  • DISC 3: Majdanek, Auschwitz / Birkenau, Noizek Shul, Farewell Address


    System Requirements:

    PC with Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP, CD-ROM drive

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