Gabi Berlin.The Best Of. 3 CDs Set (2011)

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Number of CD(s) in package: 3


We dare you to listen to this album and not sing along! The unofficial king of classic Land of Israel songs, Gabi Berlin's heartfelt performances and contagious excitement have thrilled audiences for decades. All the classics you've ever heard are on this album, many of them compiled into his patented medleys.


A number of the songs on this 3-CD set appear here for the first time on any publicly released recording.


CD 1:


1.  Hora Medley

2. Early Songs Medley

3. Hayu Zmanim

4. Ein Kvar Derech Hazara

5. Quiet Israel Medley

6. Mordechai Zeira Medley

7. Kinneret Songs

8. Shepherd Songs


CD 2:


1. Tarnegolim Al Gesher Hayarkon

2. Waltz Medley

3. Hassidic Medley

4. Jerusalem Songs

5. Yoram Tahor Songs

6. Tango Medley

7. Russian Songs A

8. Greek Songs


CD 3:


1. Shor La'almonit

2. Mar Amru Hatziporim

3. Hag Tzvai

4. Hatank Shel Moyshe

5. Blues 100 Kilometer

6. Halaila Letayelet

7. Wadi Ara

8. Danny Bo

9. Lail Ba

10. Mahar Aher

11. Anachnu Lo Shachahnu

12. Avivi Avad Li

13. Hayareach Ashem

14. Nagenu Menagnim Nagenu

15. Shuvi Habaita

16. Od Shvuayim Lichyot

17. Ashuv Mahar

18. Nigunim Shel Haruach

19. Kum Vehithalech Ba'aretz

20. Ein Kmo Hashir Hazeh

21. Kama Pashut Posea Hazamar

22. Tzikanka

23. Kmo Yayin

24. Bat Shishim


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