Gold Plated Silver & Roman Glass Pomegranate Earrings. Marble Screen 5th Century C.E.

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925 Sterling silver
Gold plated

Size: 0.79" x  0.6" / 2 x 1.5 cm

The pomegranate, one of the biblical even species of the Land of Israel, has long been a popular motif in Jewish art.

This piece is adapted from the three pomegranates on a marble screen from a synagogue excavated at Hamat Gader.

The shards of glass inlaid in this piece originate from fragments of glass vessels discovered in Israel, in the vicinity of the Mediterranean sea shore.

Note: To preserve patina do not allow glass to come in contact with water.

This item comes with a certificate of authenticity of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Enclosed is a small description of its historical background in English and Hebrew.


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