Idan Raichel. The Idan Raichel Project. Within My Walls (Bein Kirot Beiti) (+ Bonus CD)

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Israel's band of 2009


Number of CD(s) in package: 2

Idan Raichel joins forces with musicians from Israel's Ethiopian, Arab, Yemenite & Caribbean communities to create enchanting fusions that have made him one of the biggest success stories in the history of Israeli popular music. Ancient tradition meets contemporary technology on this inspirational cross-cultural recording project.

This, their newest album, almost four years after "From the Depths," boldly continues the exciting and heart-touching music that the project has become synonymous with.  It includes the smash new single, "Halomot Shel Aherim."  Also included is a bonus CD single.

1.  Todas las Palabras

2.   Bein Kirot Beiti

3.   She'eriot Shel Hahayim

4.   Mei Nahar

5.   Halomot Shel Aherim

6.  Odjus Fitxadu

7.   Shav

8.   Rov Hasha'ot

9.   Arabic Song

10. Cada Dia

11. Hakol Over

12. Nana'el Bamabato

13. Maisha

Bonus CD:

14. Men'i Kolech Mibechi


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