Idan Raichel. The Idan Raichel's Project: Out of the Depth (MeMaamakim)

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1. Ale nisa ba-ruach

2. Be-Yom shabat

3. Shuvi el-beyti

4. Yesh bi od koach

5. Me-Maamakim

6. Im techfetsa

7. Milim yafot me-ele

8. Mi-Kol ha-ahavot

9. Ulai ha-paam

10. Azini

11. Ein li terutsim

12. Siyaishaya ingoma

13. Haer et einav



Four years ago we heard the debut of "Ha-Proyekt shel Eidan Raichel". It was Raichel's first solo album which introduced him as a song writer and composer. Raichel used in the music elements from different cultures and genres. Raichel combined authentic samples from Ethiopian singers, which were the basis of his style, set to a modern beat. This created a winning combination which made the album a best seller.



Raichel's new album "Mima'amakim", combines not only the origins of the popular Ethiopian music, but also contributions from other ethnic sources. Different singers and musicians took part in this album and brought the soul, spirit, and the roots of the cultures that had inspired them.




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