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Miri Mesika. Live at the Zappa Club - Acoustic (2011) (CD + DVD set)

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Contains 1 CD and 1 DVD


Miri Mesika's studio albums have been incredibly successful, making her one of the most famous singers in Israel.  Her live performances throughout the country have been sold out smash successes also. Parallel to these performances, she has also started a string of intimate acoustic shows, which reveal a much more personal Miri Mesika, one who is much closer to her audience.


The first such show was at Tel Aviv's Zappa Club, and this album documents that historic event.  We are sure you will find it an immensely enjoyable experience.  Both the audio CD and the video DVD include 13 songs from that unforgettable performance.


CD and DVD:


1.   Ba'a Aleichem

2.   Tipa Tipa

3.   Shir Leshira

4.   November

5.   Birkat Hamelech

6.   Al Hagesher Hayashan

7.   Al Tilech Mikan

8.   Achshav Ata Hozer Behazara

9.   Im Zot Ha'ahava Shelcha

10. Shalom Le'emunot

11. Af Ahat

12. Mami

13. Leshem

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