Naomi Shemer Best Songs. Asif Part 2 (blue). 2 CD's set

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Naomi Shemer, who won the Israel Prize, was one of the most important Hebrew songwriters since the founding of the state - many of the hundreds of songs she wrote formed the very bedrock of Israeli culture. This amazing collection of the best songs written by Naomi Shemer between 1957-1996 features original performers such as: Yehoram Gaon, Lehakat Pikud Merkaz, Shoshana Damari, Hava Alberstein, Arik Einstein, as well as Naomi Shemer herself and many more.


Number of CD(s) in package: 2


CD 1:

1. M'shirei Zemer Noded

2. Chamsinim Bamishlat

3. Mitzad Haaviv

4. Kibui Orot

5. Achrei Hashkiya Basade

6. Ma Amru Hatziporim

7. Rechev Esh

8. Begani Natatich

9. Michal

10. Keren Yaar

11. Al Kanfei Hakesef

12. Churshat Haekaliptus


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