Pink Panther: Saving Planet Earth. Promote environmental awareness through fun games (Windows)

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Product Description

Ages 5 - 8

Promote environmental awareness through fun games 


In this fun game, the Pink Panther raises awareness regarding several environmental issues in order to help improve people’s quality of life as well as to join in the worldwide effort to protect the environment. Some of these issues include air pollution, sewage discharged into oceans and rivers, and other hazards. Children are encouraged to develop social skills by sharing their game experience with family and friends.


Key Features:


- Sorting and classifying

- Printable activities

- Advanced animation & sound

- Multiple levels of play

- Fun cool games

- Many hours of fun


Children are encouraged to learn:


- Environmental Preservation

- Recycling

- Visual memory

- Reasoning & Logic

- Thinking skills

- Concentration

- Art and creativity


Language: English


System Requirements:


Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Pentium / AMD processor (at least 800Mhz), 256MB of RAM (512 MB on Vista), CD-ROM Drive, Sound Card


About Compedia Games:


A Global leader in the genre of online and offline edutainment games for children since 1988; Compedia Games are sold into 50 countries and available in 40 languages.


With an accumulated experience of over 100 years of edutainment gaming, the team of experts is able to successfully create a unique and challenging gaming experience for children all over the world. 


All games and activities are developed in cooperation with leading pedagogical advisors and child psychologists.

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