Rabbi Yehuda Halevy Sung By Etti Ankri (2009)

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One of the Middle Ages' most important rabbis, Yehuda Halevy of Spain was a prolific author, legalist, and poet.  In recent times, many of his Hebrew poems have been set to music.


On this outstanding album, Israel's beloved singer Etti Ankri has, on her own, set 11 of Rabbi Yehuda Halevy's poems to new modern music and performs them with such passion as to make this a truly unforgettable listening experience.


1. Mi Yitneni

2. Yefe Nof

3. Yedidi Hashachachta

4. Yona Ma Tehegi

5. Nafshi LeVeit El

6. Malachim Nehelahim

7. Eli Refaeni

8. BeKol Libi

9. Avdei Zman

10. Ye'iruni Rayonai

11. Mizmor LeDavid (From The Book of Psalms)


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