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  • Shabbat-Shalom-A-Treasury-of-the-Songs-Israelis-Sing-on-Shabbat_large.jpg Shabbat-Shalom-A-Treasury-of-the-Songs-Israelis-Sing-on-Shabbat_large.jpg

Shabbat Shalom. A Treasury of the Songs Israelis Sing on Shabbat


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The complete collection of the most famous Shabbat songs.


Number of CD(s) in package: 1


1. Today Is Friday (Hayom Yom Shishi)

2. Shabbat Eve (Erev Shabbat)

3. Shabbat The Queen (Shabbat Hamalka)

4. Heartful Freind (Yadid Nefesh)

5. Come, My Beloved (Lecha Dodi)

6. Moses Will Rejoice (Yesamach Moshe)

7. Tunes (Nigunim)

8. Who Loves The Shabbat (Mi Ohev Et Hashabat)

9. A Shabbat Song (Shir Shabbat)

10. Today Is Friday (Yom Shish Hayom)

11. Shabbat Shalom (Shabbat Shalom)

12. A Song For Shabbat (Shir Shabbat)

13. Halleluya (Halleluya)

14. Shabbat Candles (Nerot Shabbat)

15. Peace On You (Shalom Aleychem)

16. Come Let Us Sing (Lechu Neranena)

17. They Will Rejoice Your Kingdom (Yesamchu Bemalchutcha)

18. Go My Love (Lecha Dodi)

19. On The Day Of Shabbat (Ubeyom Hasshabt)

20. You Are One (Atta Echad)

21. A Women Of Worth (Eshet Chayl)

22. The Desirable Of Days (Chemdat Yamim)

23. For The Candles And The Spices (Laner Ulabsamim)

24. May He Proclaim Freedom (Dror Yikra)

25. Elija The Prophet (Hamavdil)