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  • Shraga-Landesman-Nickel-Silver-and-Wood-Havdallah-Set-LM-HS3ALP_large.jpg Shraga-Landesman-Nickel-Silver-and-Wood-Havdallah-Set-LM-HS3ALP_large.jpg

Shraga Landesman Nickel Silver and Wood Havdallah Set


Brand: Shraga Landesman

Availability: In stock

$299.00 $269.00

Nickel Silver

Diameter of plate: 18 cm / 7"

Height of cup: 9cm / 3.5" 

This stunning havdalah set will add a touch of beauty to your Saturday night table.  As the Sabbath departs, a touching ceremony takes place with wine, spices, and a candle.  This set will be a great addition, as the wine is spilled and the candle drips, and we say goodbye to the Sabbath for one more week.


Made of nickel silver (a bright lustrous nickel/copper/zinc alloy popular in decorative applications), it features a platter, a kiddush cup, a spice box, and a candle holder

The platter has the closing text of the Havdallah blessing Hamavdil Ben Kodesh Lechol ("The One who separates between Holy and secular") in Hebrew penetrating the metal.  One quarter of the platter is a wooden holder for the lustrous kiddush cup.

The spice box, in the shape of a dove, is wood covered with a metal sheet front and back.  The closing words to the blessing over smelling the spices, Borei minei besamim (Who created varieties of aromatic spices) penetrate the metal sheet to allow the aroma of the spices to come through.  We recommend cloves and/or cinnamon, but the choice is yours.


The candle holder holds standard rectangular havdallah candles.  It is in the shape of a pomegranate and is made of wood covered with a metal sheet front and back.  The closing words to the blessing over the candle, Borei me'orei ha'eish (Who created the lights of the fire)  penetrate the metal sheet to reveal the wood below.

For decades, Shraga Landesman has been creating beautiful works of art in unique and unusual materials and styles.  His focus for the past many years has been on Jewish-themed pieces in cast or cut metal, often united with wooden elements.

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