Shraga Landesman Nickel Silver Menorah - Herons

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Product Description

Nickel Silver

Size: 25cm X 16cm / 10" X 6"

This wonderful menorah will remain a thing of beauty in your home forever!  Made of nickel silver (a bright lustrous nickel/copper/zinc alloy popular in decorative applications), it features two herons perched on a branch.

A free Hanukkah blessings pamphlet is included! Printed in both Hebrew and English for easy reading. Measuring 24 X 16.5 cm (9.4" X 6.5"), this beautiful laminated booklet will help everyone sing along! Includes the traditional blessings said after lighting Hanukkah candles, plus the famous tune Maoz Tzur!

For decades, Shraga Landesman has been creating beautiful works of art in unique and unusual materials and styles.  His focus for the past many years has been on Jewish-themed pieces in cast or cut metal, often united with wooden elements.


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