Sweet Mud (Adama Meshuga'at). DVD. Format: PAL. Israel's best movie of 2006

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Available in PAL (Europe) system ONLY


(A multisystem DVD has the ability to play dvd movies of different video standards including PAL. Also most computer DVDs can play PAL system DVDs.)


Israel's best movie of 2006 is finally available on DVD. 



Sweet Mud tells the story of a 12-year-old boy growing up on a kibbutz in Southern Israel in the 1970s.  His Bar Mitzva year sees him torn between loyalty to his mother and the kibbutz's principles of equality, seding him on a path of discovery that will change his life forever.



Israel (2006)

Length: 97 min.

Director: Dror Shaul

Starring: Ronit Yudkevitz, Shai Avivi, Gal Zaid

Genre: Drama

Language: Hebrew

Subtitles: English, Hebrew

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1,  Wide screen



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