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Tefillah Tunes for Kids is the ideal way for youngsters to learn popular synagogue tunes, from Adon Olam to An'im Zemirot! These songs, traditionally led by children at the conclusion of services, are now available for your MP3 player, computer, or MP3 CD player.

Sung with joy and enthusiasm by a trio of singers headed by Shlock Rock's Lenny Solomon, kids will appreciate the relaxed pace and clear pronunciation of the recordings. They are instructive, enjoyable, and fun.


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Tefillah Tunes includes 48 different tracks, divided into the following categories:

Young Chazzan Trainer

Adon Olam (three versions)
Yigdal (two versions)
An'im Zemirot (two versions)
Ein Keilokeinu (two versions)


Birkat HaMazon

Complete Birkat HaMazon on one track
Birkat HaMazon divided into sections and variations



Etz Chaim


Special Features

Songs are sung in Sephardic pronunciation
Includes two versions of each song - one with musical accompaniment, and one with vocals only.
Printable PDF files of songs in Hebrew with English transliteration, as well as in Hebrew only
Songs recorded by Lenny Solomon, Rabbi Alan Rosenbaum, and Mati Rosenbaum.


System Requirements:
Works on any computer, MP3 player, or MP3 CD player. Computer not required!

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