The Best of Israeli Love Songs

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"Gedolim BeAhava - Osef Shirim MeHaLev" (The Best Of Israeli Love Songs) includes songs by the latest hottest Israeli artists!  18 songs that have captured our hearts, most of which were radio hits from the past year.  Also included, for the first time anywhere, are "Bein Ha-Tipot" by Rami Kleinstein, "Teshaker Li" by Rita and " Lifnei She Nishtageah" by Maya Avraham.


1. Arkady Duchin. Mi Ohev Otach Yoter Mimeni

2. Ivri Lider. Zachiti Leehov

3. Shiri  Maimon. Ha-Sheket She Nishar

4. Daniel Salomon. Ahava

5. Idan Raichel's Project. Yesh Li Od Koah

6. Ninet Tayeb. Ha-Or Be Chayai

7. Aviv Gefen . Im Ha-Zman

8. Fortisakharof. Ba-Sof Shel Yom

9. Efrat Gosh. Tamid Kshe Ata Ba

10. Miri Masika. Af Ahad

11. Harel Maviel. Veaz Tavoi

12. Ohed Chitman. Tagidi Lo

13. Rami Kleinstein. Bein Ha-Tipot

14. Rita. Teshaker Li

15. Maya Avraham. Lifnei She Nishtageah

16. Bati. Nasa Oti

17. Kivun Nachon. Iris Prachei

18. Meaz She Halacht. Potch


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