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  • The-Creation-Series-Kuf-Resh-Shin-Artist-Mordechai-Ardon-Limited-Edition-Hand-Signed-Mourlot-Lithograph_large.jpg The-Creation-Series-Kuf-Resh-Shin-Artist-Mordechai-Ardon-Limited-Edition-Hand-Signed-Mourlot-Lithograph_large.jpg

The Creation Series: Kuf Resh Shin. Artist: Mordechai Ardon. Limited Edition Hand Signed Mourlot Lithograph


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Limited edition original lithograph. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 33" x 22.4" / 84 x 57 cm

Kuf, Resh, and Shin - the 19th, 20th, and 21st Hebrew letters

This vibrant original lithograph was produced by the famed Mourlot Studios of Paris in the 1970s and was hand signed by the artist, Mordechai Ardon, who has since passed away.  The lithograph is placed in an elegant navy blue canvas portfolio.

Based on Kabbalistic concepts regarding the creation of the world by means of God's speech and the Hebrew alphabet, each work in this series of ten posters depicts a different letter in the alphabet.  Ardon's rich and imaginary world is demonstrated by abstract images and vibrant colors.

Mordechai Ardon, 1896 — 1992 - An Israeli master. The work of Mordechai Ardon evolved over time from realism towards figurative symbolism, and later metaphysical and surrealist symbolism. His response to the Holocaust was more philosophical than expressionist, and his dramatic canvases are meticulously organized. He studied at the Bauhaus under Klee, Kandinsky, Feininger, and Itten, and later studied the painting techniques of the Old Masters under Max Doerner at the Munich Academy. These dual, seemingly contradicting elements forged the character of his paintings throughout the 70 years of his artistic career. The depth and richness of his colors owe their quality to this technique. He liberated them from the figurative context of the Old Masters, and turned them into tools for the creation of his original contribution to Modern Art of the 20th Century.