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The Gift of Life - Silver Set For Mother and Newborn


Brand: Or Jewelry

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$99.00 $89.95

This may be the most beautiful and meaningful gift a new mother and her baby can ever receive!  Inside a beautiful gift box are three items:

1.  A beautiful red string and silver kabbalah bracelet for the mother. 

On a braided black string is a sterling silver wheel containing four of the kabbalistic names of God:

Samech - Aleph - Lamed; it is said to offer the wearer protection and a segulah for wealth.

Heh - Heh - Ayin; it is said to be a segula (charm) for true love.

Mem - Heh - Shin; it is said to offer the wearer healing and protection against disease.

Aleph - Lamed - Dalet; it is said to offer the wearer protection against the evil eye.

On the other side: Health, Success, Love.

Size: 7.1" / 18 cm

2.   A nickel safety pin loaded with sterling silver kabbalistic charms for the baby.  They include a hamsa, a heart, an eye, a Star of David, and a pendant identical to the one on the mother's bracelet (as above).  The pin can be attached to the stroller or crib, and as the baby grows up, he or she can transfer the charms to a necklace to wear for the rest of his or her life.

3.  The entire Biblical book of Psalms in the original Hebrew, bound in leather with a sterling silver crown stamped on the fromt.

This is a gift that is guaranteed to become a treasured heirloom for a lifetime!

Size of the box: 6.3" X 6.3"  / 16 X 16 cm

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