Triangle Mezuza Case - Medium. Color: Black. Agayof Design

Brand Agayof

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Product Description

Anodized aluminum

Size: 1.2" X 6" / 3 X 15.2 cm


This astonishing mezuzah case takes the most ancient of Jewish symbols and updates it with space age materials and post-modern minimalist design.  The central silvery aluminum cylinder is nestled within numerous anodized colored triangles and decorated with a matching Shin.


Please note: Mezuzah scroll not included.

Avner Agayof has been well known for the outstanding high class Judaica artifacts produced in his workshop. Agayof makes use of the right materials and colors, matching them to get a magnificent look for his designs. Every piece of the Agayof's fine Judaica collection was made under his personal control down to the last detail.

Purchasing a product of the Agayof's fine Judaica collection means enriching your own Judaica collection with a significant and impressive piece of art.


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