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  • Gold-Plated-and-Red-Rope-Bracelet---Love-and-Protection-OR-0308BEN-HHA_large.jpg Gold-Plated-and-Red-Rope-Bracelet---Love-and-Protection-OR-0308BEN-HHA_large.jpg

Gold Plated and Red Rope Bracelet - Love and Protection (Pendant)


Brand: Or Jewelry

Availability: In stock

$35.00 $26.95

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$35.00 $26.95

This bracelet is a truly unique piece - it's unlike anything you've seen before!  On a bold robust braided red rope cord with gold plated clasps and decorations hangs a square pendant featuring a heart and the letters of one of the secret holy names: Heh - Heh - Ayin; it is said to be a segula (charm) for true love.

At the other end of the bracelet is a gold plated cube-shaped decoration featuring another holy name: Aleph - Lamed - Dalet; it is said to offer the wearer protection against the evil eye.

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