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In the fast developing online world of Judaica retailers, Judaicawebstore.com founded in 2001 has consistently been regarded as the leading Internet market for Israeli and Jewish themed products with the most traffic and sales and an unparalleled variety of offerings. Owned by JWG Ltd., Judaicawebstore.com maintains its offices and warehouse in Jerusalem, Israel ensuring that the customers receive a genuine Israeli product from a genuine Israeli source.

JWG Ltd. is also the owner of Israzon.com which serves as the store for products offered by The Jerusalem Post, well known internationally as Israel's leading English daily newspaper.

Having established its position as a leading Internet retailer, JWG Ltd. is now regularly called upon to manage online retailing for a wide variety of clients. Today the company manages sales for the shop at Aish.com, the world's leading Jewish education site as well as the JerusalemOnline.com store. Amongst its many offerings JerusalemOnline.com has recently become a heavily relied upon resource for news, providing a web news update for Channel 2, Israel's leading television news source.

Recognizing the importance of branching out into new international markets, JWG Ltd. launched a French version of the Judaicawebstore.com which was achieved in cooperation with Guysen.com, the number one Jewish news site for French speakers on the Internet.

With the Internet increasingly becoming the number one way that people connect with the outside world, JWG Ltd. has always worked to ensure that its retail successes can help the Israeli community in a variety of ways. The company works regularly with Yad Sarah, Israel's largest voluntary organization, operating their online store which directly benefits the country's disabled and disadvantaged. Through the cooperation that JWG Ltd. provides, Yad Sarah is better prepared to advance its spectrum of services at nominal or no cost to those it serves.

By always seeking to respond to consumer demand and expand its product line accordingly, Judaicawebstore.com is designed to offer people all across the world with immediate access to the leading Israeli brands. Basing its business model on high quality products at attractive prices combined with a dedication to attentive customer service, the Judaicawebstore.com name is one that consumers return to time and time again.

The highly interactive and user-friendly interface that makes up our site allows visitors to choose from more than 3,000 different products at any given time. All the types of items that people associate with Judaism and Israel are now just a couple of clicks away. From Judaica to cosmetics, an extensive library of books, music and movies, jewelry, wines, Jewish-oriented software and much more, the site has become the first stop for thousands of people looking for fine products from the Jewish State.

Since opening our virtual doors, Judaicawebstore.com has focused on establishing its reputation by selling products from some of Israel's finest and most recognized retailers. Names like AHAVA Dead Sea Cosmetics, Yarden Wines, Products from the Israel Museum, Hazorfim Silver amongst many others now greet people as they reach our site.

Priding itself on always building its customer base, Judaicawebstore.com has now serviced tens of thousands of happy customers from more than fifty nations across the globe. In addition to private individuals, many leading Jewish organizations, Israeli and foreign companies, wholesalers and retailers turn to Judaicawebstore.com when they're looking for quality products from Israel.

Judaicawebstore.com serves as an ideal example of how Internet retail technology has helped catapult the local Israel-based economy into a globally recognized phenomenon. With its eye always towards the future, Judaicawebstore.com is always looking for new and increasingly innovative ways to bring Israel's best products to a larger market. Based on the many successes the company has achieved so far, there is only optimism for the potential that the coming years hold for furthering those very goals.

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