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  • Ana-Bekoach-Silver-Kabbalah-Dogtag-Pendant-with-Star-of-David-Blessings_large.jpg Ana-Bekoach-Silver-Kabbalah-Dogtag-Pendant-with-Star-of-David-Blessings_large.jpg

Ana Bekoach: Silver Kabbalah Dogtag Pendant with Star of David - Blessings

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Brand: Studio Golan

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$140.00 $119.00

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$140.00 $119.00

925 Sterling Silver, 14K Gold

Size:  0.7" X 0.9" / 1.9 cm X 2.3 cm

This necklace, bursting with Kabbalistic concepts, is as beautiful as it is meaningful. It is made from two sterling silver dogtags which, when they lie flat, produce a lovely harmonious design with a 14K gold Star of David surrounded by the wavy motif of the bottom dogtag.

On the reverse of the top dogtag is the first letter of each word of Ana Bekoach, a very deep and mysterious spiritual poem written millennia ago. These letters have been arranged to spell out several of God's holy names.

When the top plate is lifted, it reveals five Hebrew words of blessing that had been hidden below: briut, hatzlacha, bracha, osher and osher (health, success, blessing, happiness, and wealth (the last two are homophones in Hebrew)).

This pendant is suitable for a man or woman.

A sterling silver chain in your choice of length is available for an additional fee.