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And You Shall Love Hashem With a Great Over-Abundant and Exceeding Love. David Wolk. Oil on Canvas

  • And-You-Shall-Love-Hashem-With-a-Great-Over-Abundant-and-Exceeding-Love-David-Wolk-Oil-on-Canvas_large.jpg And-You-Shall-Love-Hashem-With-a-Great-Over-Abundant-and-Exceeding-Love-David-Wolk-Oil-on-Canvas_large.jpg

And You Shall Love Hashem With a Great Over-Abundant and Exceeding Love. David Wolk. Oil on Canvas

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$0.00 $800.00


Oil on canvas

40 cm X 50 cm / 15.7" X 19.7"

Ready for framing, this stunning original artwork by American-Israeli artist David Baruch Wolk demands attention and will become the focal point of your home, synagogue, or business.

The Hebrew phrase reproduced here reads Sheye'ahev et Hashem ahava gedola veyetera raba me'od (And you shall love Hashem with a great over-abundant and exceeding love).

A similar version of this statement of the great author of the book Orchot Tzaddikim (The Paths of the Righteous) also appears in the Rambam’s Mishneh Torah. These Rishonim, who are for us likened as angels, achieved spiritual heights that for us seem remote, to say the least. Yet the Rambam offers for us direction for attaining this exalted level of love for Hashem; he teaches us to examine and meditate upon the awesome wisdom of the Creator manifest in all His works. In doing this a person will come to see his own very smallness; and when he rids himself of his obsessive occupation with himself he will come to see that “the universe is full of His glory”. The pursuit of true G-dly understanding and favor then becomes an act of growing love.

David Baruch Wolk was born in the United States and was trained at Amherst College, Boston University Art School, New York Studio School, Yale University, and Oregon University Art School, among others. He moved to Israel in 1986 at the age of 27 and currently lives and works at his studio near Jerusalem. His incorporation of classic Jewish themes and texts into his modern vibrant colorful art has made him one of the most sought-after and respected artists in his field today.

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