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Chilik Frank. Pesach in Jerusalem (2012)

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The popular and talented young Hassidic clarinetist Chilik (Yechiel) Frank is joined here by a full band and chorus to give us all the "Jerusalem Pesach Party" experience that you would otherwise have to travel all the way to Mea Shearim to get!


The four medleys totaling almost an hour of music cover traditional Jewish celebratory melodies from many different Hassidic courts, as well as a few more contemporary compositions.


The enclosed Hebrew-language booklet includes the historical background of each and every song.


Medley 1:


1.  VeHi SheAmda



2.  Kerev Yom - HaBa'al Shem Tov



3.  Shomrim Hapakad



4. Kerev Yom - HaBa'al Shem Tov



5.  Adir Hu



6.  Hasal Sidur Pesach - Rimanov

7. MiMizrayim Gaalteinu - Chabad

8. Ezrat Avoteinu


Medley 2:


9. VeHi  SheAmda - Karlin

10. VeHi SheAmda - Karlin

11.  Ata Baharteinu - Chabad

12. Ata Baharteinu

13. She BaShfelenu Zahar Lanu 

14. VeHishiyanu 

15. Hasal Sidr Pesach


Medley 3:


16. Nigun  Shir Hashirim 

17. El Ginat Egoz - Karlin

18. Hiku Mamtakim


Medley 4:


19. Hamaavir Banav 

20. Biglal Avot - Breslev

21. Nigun Simcha Lehag Haherut

22. Biglal Avot Toshiah

23. Nigun Shvi'i Shel Pesach

24. Rikud Adir Bamelucha - Karlin

25. Rikud Sfirat HaOmer - Karlin

26. Rikud Bein Pesach LeAtzeret - Karlin

27. VeAl Yadei Ze

28. VeAl Yadei Ze

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