Made by Ennion. Ancient Glass Treasures from the Shlomo Moussaieff Collection (Softcover)

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by Yael Israeli

The exhibition " Made by Einnon: Anicent Glass Treasures from the Shlomo Mousaieff Collection" offers a unique opportunity to present exquisite works of glass produced by one of its earliest masters, who signed his works, thereby enabling us to know him, to appreciate his sensibility, and to extol his technical achievements. This concentrated display features a selection of glass vessels that, while created two thousand years ago, have been preserved in a way that reveals their splendor even today, explaining why Ennion's glass was in great demand in his own time – marketed throughout the ancient world and even discovered in our own Jerusalem, in the remains of a spacious mansion in what is now the Jewish Quarter.


English/Hebrew - 100 pages - 69 color illustrations - softcover

27 cm X 21 cm / 10.6" X 8.3"

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem


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