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Moshe Peretz. Zikukim (Fireworks) (2011)


Brand: Israeli & Jewish Music

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Number of CD(s) in package: 1

This is the fifth album by the hot Mizrachi star Moshe Peretz. Not one bit less exciting or catchy than his previous work, it nevertheless shows some real maturation as a musician. All in all, definitely another hit for Moshe Peretz!

1. Im At Holechet

2. Rahok Mimech

3. Elef Pe'amim

4. Kechi Oti Elayich

5. Kol Ma Shehalamti

6. Boi Elai

7. Kmo Melech

8. Shigra

9. Ein Kamocha

10. Rotzeh Otach

11. Ein Li Od Makom

12. Ahuvati

13. Ve'aharei Kichlot Hakol

14. Arutz Ad Elaich

15. Holech Li Meyuash

16. Zikukim