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  • Passover-Seder-Set-Matzah-Cover-Afikoman-Bag-Pillow-Case-Towel-Tassels-Jewels_large.jpg Passover-Seder-Set-Matzah-Cover-Afikoman-Bag-Pillow-Case-Towel-Tassels-Jewels_large.jpg

Passover Seder Set: Matzah Cover, Afikoman Bag, Pillow Case, Towel (Tassels & Jewels)


Brand: Judaica

Availability: Out of stock

$199.00 $169.00

Matzah cover: 40 cm / 16" (diameter)

Afikoman bag: 33 cm X 27 cm / 13" X 11"

Seder pillow case: 64 cm X 47 cm / 25" X 18.5"

Towel: 70 cm X 33 cm / 28" X 13"

This gorgeous matching set will add the joy of stylish beauty to your Passover Seder! The beautiful intricate silver thread embroidery and the tassels and jewels make for a truly regal appearance.

 The matzah cover has three separate compartments for ease of use at the seder. The embroidered text reads Lichvod chag hamatzot (In honor of the feast of unleavened bread). The embroidered book at the bottom is opened to the verse from the haggadah, Ha lachma anya di achlu avhatana (This is the bread of affliction that our fathers ate).

The matching afikoman bag is the perfect seder accessory. It is embroidered with the word Afikoman as well as the same open haggadah as above.

And this year, when you recline at the seder, make sure you are using a matching seder pillow! In the center, the large embroidered verse from the the haggadah reads Halaila hazeh kulanu mesubin (Tonight we all recline), as well as the same open haggadah as above.

The beautifully embroidered towel is for drying the hands after the ritual hand washing. The detailed embroidery features the word Ur'hatz in the center.

The matzah cover, Afikoman bag, and pillow case each comes in its own durable fitted zippered gold-lined transparent PVC protective bag, and the entire set comes in one also. That's four PVC protectors!

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