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  • Yoni-Rechter-Ha-Ikar-Zeh-Ha-Musica-Music-is-the-Main-Thing-Live-2-CD-Set-2012_large.jpg Yoni-Rechter-Ha-Ikar-Zeh-Ha-Musica-Music-is-the-Main-Thing-Live-2-CD-Set-2012_large.jpg

Yoni Rechter. Ha-Ikar Zeh Ha-Musica (Music is the Main Thing). Live. 2 CD Set (2012)


Brand: Israeli & Jewish Music

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Number of CD(s) in package: 2

Yoni Rechter has managed to remain a powerful, popular, vital, and relevant voice in Israeli popular music despite only releasing one solo studio album per decade since the 1970s. In 2010 he took part in a series of concerts in the framework of Israel's Piano Festival, featuring his classic songs as well as brand new ones never before heard or recorded anywhere. The response was so powerful, and the demand for more so great that the live concert was finally released on this superb 2 CD live set. It features no less than 40 guest performers, including Yehudit Ravitz, Natanela, Shlomi Shaban, Rona Keinan, and more.

CD 1:

1. Me'etmol

2. Od Mahar

3. Ad Haboker

4. Ha'ir Hazot

5. Shetach Hahefker

6. Nama Yafo

7. Ho, Eizeh Laila

8. Biladayich

9. Kasheh Balaila

10. Re'eh

11. Hamasa Hagadol

12. Ogen Haram

13. Shir Eres

14. Kabu Ha'orot

15. Yesh Lach Hakol

CD 2:

1. Shir Ahava Standarti

2. Shir Ha-Croissant

3. Ha'Ikar Zeh Ani (spoken word)

4. Kulam Omrim Sheshuv Hi Kan

5. Itur Mitzchech

6. Az Ma Im Ben-Adam

7. Erev Ironi

8. Kol Od

9. Shir Nevui Cosmi Aliz

10. Hashir Shel Ha'aretz

11. Hamakom Shebo Anu Tzodkim

12. Ten Li Yad