Arkadi Duchin. The Best of . More of Me (Yoter Mimeni). 2 CD Set

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Number of CD(s) in package: 2

This double album of Arkadi Duchin includes the classic song "Who Loves You More Than Me," that his partner Micha Shirit wrote. The first album includes his greatest hits, including songs appearing here for the first time on CD, "Because of You" (Originally performed by Arik Einstein), "Punching Bags" and "He Didn't Know Her Name" with Micha Shirit.

On the second album there are songs that have never before been released, sketches, songs that Duchin wrote for other people and pieces of music that he wrote for the movies and theatre. In addition, there is a duet that Duchin recorded with the late Arik Lavie.

CD 1:

1. Mi Ohev Otach Yoter Mimeni
2. Merov Ahavati
3. Cheder Misheli
4. He Lo Doma
5. Beit Kafe Shel Hadinozaurim
6. Ohevet Lo Ohevet
7. Tembel
8. Tzmarmoret
9. Sakei Haigruf
10. Esh Bach
11. Biglalech
12. Habalada Al Haish She Chechlif At Hayareach
13. Domino
14. Elochai
15. Chu Lo Yada At Shma
16. Zover
17. Margish Ashem
18. Boded Boded
19. Esh Bi Ahava

CD 2:

1. Im At Levadech
2. Shimri Kolech
3. Kvar Shana
4. Hazilan
5. Lach Teda
6. La La La
7. Esh Li Tchusha
8. Ahareinu Hamavol
9. Ani Lo Ohev
10. Leizan Katan Sheli
11. Ohev Otach Ve Lo Yodea Lama
12. Kailu She Hayiti Po
13. Haam Sheli He Kmo Charav
14. Zalakt
15. Kutonet Pasim
16. Mefached Mikesher Telefoni
17. Shir Mitoch "Mochrei Hagumi"
18. Chalom Leil Kaiz
19. Shtei Arim
20. Habalada Al Haish She Chechlif At Hayareach
21. Ahava Rishona
22. Mechulat Haahava
23. Agada Muzara
24. Ohevet Lo Ohevet
25. Neemar Kvar Hakol 

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