Talitnia Bnei Or Tallit - Blue

Talitnia Bnei Or Tallit - Blue


Brand: Talitnia

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Bright and beautiful, this stunning tallit will make a sensational Jewish gift for yourself or someone celebrating their Bar Mitzvah or wedding. The traditional, staid blue stripes have been enhanced by vibrant additions of various shades of blue and purple, creating a stunning contemporary take on the classic tallit. The neckpiece, or atara in Hebrew, features the blessing recited on donning the tallit it clear blue embroidery. 

This tallit is available in a range of sizes.

From humble beginnings in Tikochin, Poland in 1898, Talitnia has grown to be the world’s most renowned creator of quality tallitot. As Israel’s biggest tallit producer, Talitnia supplies the IDF and Chevra Kadisha (Jewish burial society) with tallitot. The family-run business combines ancient tradition with contemporary craftsmanship to produce a stunning variety of tallitot, including traditional striped wool shawls and modern, colorful designs. The tallit is one of Judaism’s most recognized icons, and a Talitnia tallit is an appropriate way to mark a special milestone.

Talitnia’s prayer shawls are certified kosher Mehadrin min Hamehadrin.