Chava Alberstein. Baruch Haba (Welcome) (2010)

Chava Alberstein. Baruch Haba (Welcome) (2010)


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One of Israel's most beloved musicians for decades now, Chava Alberstein has remained as vital and exciting as ever.  This, unbelievably, is her 58th album, shows her to be as vital and creative as ever.  She wrote the lead single, the superb "Zman", by herself, and either wrote or co-wrote most of the rest of the songs on the album. 

It is sure to be remembered among her finest work to date. 

1. Zman

2. Baruch Ha-Ba

3. Shomaat Hakol


4. Ha-Hazai


5. Ein Prida Yafa


6. Tzipor Ba-Kluv

7. Zaar Ha-Olam

8. Nemalim

9. Parzuf Bli Shem

10. Shalom Lach Nodedet


11.  Ma Kara

12. Nagni Bameitarei Ha-Or

13. Tviyot Ktanot


14. Kav Parshat Ha-Mayim

15. Haerev Yored

16. Shnei Olamot

Chava Alberstein is an Israeli singer, lyricist, composer, musical arranger, and actress. She is one of the most important Israeli singers, with a career spanning more than 40 years. The unique voice of Chava Alberstein was heard even before she began her songwriting career. 

Born in Stettin, a German city annexed by Poland in 1945 (now north-eastern Poland), Chava Alberstein came to Israel at age four and grew up in Kiryat Chaim. In 1964, when she was 17, a nightclub appearance in Jaffa led to a CBS recording contract. She was drafted into the Israel Defense Force in 1965 and became one of the many Israeli artists to rise to stardom by entertaining the troops. She has released more than 50 albums. She is one of the more famous Israelis to record in Yiddish as well as Hebrew and Arabic.