Coffee Shop Tales (Sipurey Beit Cafe) (2003). DVD

Coffee Shop Tales (Sipurey Beit Cafe) (2003). DVD


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Moshe Ivgy is Yutz, a frustrated poet past his prime, who with his aging bohemian friends frequent Café Braun run by Leah a sympathetic mother figure who has kept the place going for over 30 years. The café was once a home to artists and intellectuals, now it is a haven for oddballs and outcasts including: a violent Arab painter fresh out of an asylum, an alcoholic mama's boy who stutters, a macho heartbroken musician and an outcast Belgian immigrant photographer. The landlord puts the squeeze on Leah and threatens to demolish the building. Through a bizarre chain of events, Yutz and his friends band together to save the café and in turn save themselves. An off beat comedy about people struggling to maintain their sanity in an insane reality.

Israel (2003)

Length: 83 Min.

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Director: Amit Lior

Starring: Moshe Ivgi, Arie Moskuna, Alisheva Michaeli

Language: Hebrew

Subtitles: English, French, Hebrew

Sound: 5.1