David (Dudu) Fisher. The Hassidic Collection. 3 CD Set

David (Dudu) Fisher. The Hassidic Collection. 3 CD Set


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Number of CD(s) in package: 3

Beloved Israeli singer Dudu Fisher has been entertaining adults and children for decades.  With albums in Hebrew, Yiddish and English, and with his distinctive perfectly pitched soulful voice, he has carved out a niche for himself that he occupies virtually alone.  This new treasury of Hassidic favourites will earn an honored place in your home.

Included are melodies ancient and modern, including medleys of Yemenite religious songs and the works of American Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach.  With 36 songs in all, this outstanding colleciton will provide you with hours of enjoyment.

CD 1. Avinu Malkeinu:

1.   Avinu Malkeinu

2.   Im Eshkachech

3.   Mashiach

4.   Shomer Israel

5.   Elokay Neshama

6.   Yemenite Songs Medley

7.   Mi Haish

8.   Lulei Toratcha

9.   Azamra

10. Ribono Shel Olam

11. Carlebach Songs Medley

12. Jerusalem Songs Medley

CD 2. Barchi Nafshi:

1.   Mi Adir Al Hakol

2.   Barchi Nafshi

3.   Modm Anachnu Lach

4.   L'tav Ul'chayin

5.   Menucha Ve'simcha

6.   Haazina

7.   Lo Yarda Shira Laolam

8.   Shetetchadesh Aleynu

9.   Shuvi Nafshi

10. Rachem Na

11. Tfila Leshlom Hamedina

12. Adon Olam

CD 3. Odcha:

1.   Pitechu Li

2.   Odcha

3.   Ma Ashiv La'shem

4.   Aromimcha

5.   Ubaou Ha'ovdim

6.   Lo Amar Tzar Li

7.   Uveshofar Gadol

8.   Al Zot

9.   Beshem Hashem

10. Ki Nicham

11. Kohanim

12. Vehu Kechatan

From the great synagogue in Tel Aviv to the great stages of Tel Aviv, London and New York, Dudu Fisher has become an international superstar. As Mr. Fisher said in his successful, off-Broadway, one-man show, "Never on Friday," "He was a Jewish Jean Valjean." He played the starring role in Les Miserables around the world and took part in the "Royal Command Performance" for the Queen of England. As an observant Jew, Mr. Fisher was the first actor on Broadway and in the West End to be excused from performing on Friday nights, Saturday matinees and all Jewish holidays. Though Mr. Fisher has performed with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and the Queens and Baltimore Symphony orchestras, the London Symphony and for Britain's royal family, the Thai royal family And President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton, he has never forgotten his roots. In addition to his brilliant renditions of Broadway music, he continues to perform traditional hassidic, yiddish and cantorial music to audiences all over the world.