Ehud Banai. Shir Hadash (New Song) (2008)

Ehud Banai. Shir Hadash (New Song) (2008)


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Four years after his most recent album, the wildly successful Ane Li ("Answer me"), Ehud Banai is back with a new album and a new direction.  The intervening years have brought him closer to his Jewish roots, and following in the recent footsteps of his cousin Meir Banai as well as Amir Benayoun, Shlomo Gronich, Shuli Rand, Yonatan Razel and others, Ehud has produced an outstanding album of music based entirely on classic Jewish texts. 

Consisting mostly of traditional Sabbath and High Holy Days songs set to Sephardi and Yemenite melodies (plus a few Ashkenazi and Carlebach surprises) lovingly arranged for guitar and Ehud's own transcendant voice, this album will be sure to find its way to your stereo for repeated listening. 

1.   Odeh La'el

2.   Shlosha Devarim


3.   Lechu Neranena - Lecha Dodi


4.   Shalom Aleichem


5.   Eshet Chail


6.   Azamer Bishvachin

7.   El Adon Al Kol Hama'asim


8.   Mizmor LeDavid

9.   Hashmieni Et Kolech

10. Lulei Toratcha

11. Hitna'ari Me'afar

12. Haneshama Lach

13. Et Sha'arei Ratzon

14. Tzur Mishelo Achalnu

15. Odeh Lael