Eyal Golan. Helek Mi-Hayai (2011)

Eyal Golan. Helek Mi-Hayai (2011)


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Eyal Golan's fans -- and fans of Mediterranean/Mizrahi music in general -- are thrilled with this new album.  It is Eyal's 15th album, and he seems to be getting better with every release.  It is no wonder he is the only Mizrahi performer to ever be named Israel's "Singer of the Year"!

1. Noladet Bishvili

2. Hahi Tova Baolam

3. Helek Mihayai

4. Rak Biglal Ze

5. Ksheaher

6. Halaila Shelach

7. Malach Shomer

8. Tahzeri Kvar Habaita

9. Lalechet Olehishaer

10. Mitpotzetz Biglalech

11. Bishvilech

12. Boi Nivrach

13. Elav

14. Ratziti Lehagid Lach

15. Rotze Rak Elaich

16. Tmuna Shvura

17. Mizmor LeGilad