Flowers' Dance. Artist: Zina Roitman

Custom Made in Jerusalem
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Limited edition original serigraph. Signed and numbered by the artist.
size 20.8" x 15"
(53 x 38 cm) NEW RELEASE

Artist: Zina Roitman

Zina Roitman was born on December 17, 1944 in the U.S.S.R. She lived in Moldavia where she graduated from high school in 1961. From 1961 to 1965, she studied in the Art Academy of Kishenev, taking courses in classical drawing, painting and graphics.  Such artists as Vasarely, Matisse, Picasso, Chagall and many Japanese's artists influenced the young student's approach to art .In 1974, Zina Roitman immigrated to Israel. Her twelve years in the country were spent mastering aquarelle techniques and searching for new ways to express herself. One finds Zina Roitman's aquarelles painted in "dry" and "wet", in bright and pastel tones at numerous exhibitions in different Israeli galleries. From painting landscapes from life in the classical style, Zina turns to associative images mixed with lyrical dreams and mysticism. The artist achieves harmony and aesthetic beauty through the wonderful feeling on the material she works with and the transparent clarity of her colors. Along with original works, she also tried her hand at graphic techniques. The most successful were those in serigraphs. Zina Roitman did herself all the graphical work. The drawings and sketches for the serigraphs (silk screen) were made in a special kind of gouache according to printing techniques. Zina Roitman is a very talented and versatile artist. Her inner world, like that of any real artist, whether poet, musician or painter, can be discerned in her works, and this enables one to identify and pick them out from those of the other artists.




1977 Bat Yam Museum
1978 Discount Bank, Bat Yam
Ganei Taarucha, Tel Aviv
1980 Hadany Gallery, Rechovot
1983 Yurek Gallery, Ramat Hasharon
1984 Dania Art Gallery, Haifa
Metsudat Hanamal Gallery, Caesarea
1985 Yurek Gallery, Ramat Hasharon
1987 Yurek Gallery, Ramat Hasharon
Denia Art Gallery, Haifa
1988 Talking Walls, Rishon Letsion
Metsudat Hanamal Gallery, Caesarea
1989 Dania Art Gallery, Haifa,
Yurek Gallery, Ramat Hasharon
Mill Gallery, Jerusalem
Gil Gallery, Tel Aviv
1990 Yurek Gallery, Ramat Hasharon
Dania Art Gallery, Haifa
1997 Moriah Gallery, Maryland


Group exhibitions:

Artexpo New York, Artexpo Los Angeles, Artexpo Tokyo, Tias Tokyo

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