Gazoz. The 20 Hits. 2 CD Set

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 Gazoz. The 20 Hits. 2 CD Set
 Gazoz. The 20 Hits. 2 CD Set


Number of CD(s) in package: 2

One of Israel's classic rock bands, it's easy to forget that Gazoz were only around from 1978-1979 and only released two albums.  This collection takes 20 of their most memorable songs, among them "Roni" and "Milim Yafot," and many other enduring classics, together with six bonus rare tracks, three of which have never appeared on any album before.

Formed by Danny Sanderson and Avraham Deshe from the ashes of Kaveret, and bringing such amazing singing talents as Gidi Gov and Mazi Cohen to the fore, the band was destined to hit it big.

The set comes with a lovely booklet featuring the Hebrew lyrics to all the songs.

1.   Tesha Bakikar

2.   Hi Lo Teda

3.   Milim Yafot

4.   Tzipi Primo

5.   Lichvod Hakayitz

6.   Rak Im Ofnoa

7.   Ima Vedani

8.   Takala Mehatchala

9.   Shir Avodah

10. Hi Hityashva Leyad Pesanter

11. Halalit

12. Himnon Leyom Hol

13. Kafeh Betachtit

14. Kechol Yam Kinneret

15. Govaina

16. Te Oseh Scharchoret

17. Ah Oh

18. Roni

19. Lev Dafuk

20. Nostalgia

Bonus Tracks:

21. Erev Tov

22. Sipur Levana

23. Ha'agada Al Billy Boy

24. Sof Hareshima

25. Alufei Hadmaka

26. Quando Paradrei

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