Gevatron. Ha'amini Yom Yavo (2010)

Gevatron. Ha'amini Yom Yavo (2010)


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Gevatron, founded by the Jezreel Valley's Kibbutz Geva in 1948, and made up mostly of its members and neighbors to this day, is one of Israel's most famous and cherished singing groups.  Specializing mostly in the songs of Eretz Israel, their talent and spirit have made them an inseparable part of Israeli culture.


In honor of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Kibbutz movement in Israel, Gevatron has released this outstanding disc of new performances of classic songs from the War of Independence period.


Number of CD(s) in package: 1

1. Ha'amini Yom Yavo

2. Hayu Zmanim

3. Yazanu At

4. Laila Laila

5. Hapruta Ve HaYareach

6. Shir HaKad

7. Hey HaJeep Medley

8. Shir Afor

9. HaReut

10. BeAv El Va'ad

11. Hen Efshar

12. Rabotai HaHistoriya Hozeret

13. Chezbet Medley