Golden Hits From Israel Vol. 9 - Songs of the Kibbutz

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The Kibbutz - the communal Israeli settlement - despite never accounting for more than a small percentage of Israeli population, has held an almost mythical place in Israeli and Jewish folklore.  This collection contains 20 of the most unforgettable songs inspired by the kibbutz experience.

It comes with a booklet with the lyrics to all the songs in the original Hebrew, together with their English translation and transliteration into the English alphabet.

1.   Hahar Hayarok

2.   Hallelujah

3.   Hofim

4.   Nahal Na'aran

5.   Elad Yarad El Hayarden

6.   Kinneret (Sham Harei Golan)

7.   Od Nashuv Mahar

8.   Degania

9.   Niggunim

10. Tov Li Bakibbutz

11. Aggadat Desheh

12. Emek Sheli

13. Hurshat Ha'acalyptus

14. Shuv Yotzeh Hazemer

15. Mesaviv Lamedurah

16. Tov Lalechet Badrachim

17. Yesh Prachim

18. Dugit Nosa'at

19. Hultza Levana

20. Leilot

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