Hadag Nachash. 6 (2010)

Hadag Nachash. 6 (2010)


Brand: Israeli & Jewish Music

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This is the sixth album from the popular Israeli HipHop/Soul/Funk group Hadag Nachash.  An absolute revelation, "6" is not only being called the best Hadag Nachash album to date, but also one of the best Israeli albums of recent years.  Who would have believed that 14 years after starting out as a bunch of bored kids, they would show such amazing musical growth?

1. Super Groove

2. Ani Ma'amin

3. Lo Maspik

4. Shir Nechama

5. Basalon Shel Salomon

6. Od Ach Echad

7. Little Man

8. Many Lights

9. Jambalaya

10. Ma'arbolet Shel Hol

11. War

12. Super Groove

13. That ain't what it's all about