Hahalonot Hagvohim. 2 CD Set (2007)

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 Hahalonot Hagvohim. 2 CD Set (2007)
 Hahalonot Hagvohim. 2 CD Set (2007)


Number of CDs in package: 2

To celebrate the 40th anniersary of the release of the High Windows' historic album, this special double edition has been released.  These Rock and Pop prophet-pioneers (Shmulik Krauss, Arik Einstein, and Juzzi Katz) revolutionized Israeli music, and their influence has not diminished with time.  They only released one album, but it was enough to solidify their place in Israeli music history.

Disc 1:

1.   Yechezkel
2.   Einech Yechola
3.   Chayal Shel Shokolad
4.   Ahava Rishona
5.   Eifo Hem Kol Avoteinu?
6.   Kol Hashavua Lech
7.   Zemer Noga
8.   Buba Zahava
9.   Az Ma
10. Horoscope
11. Yalda Ketana

Disc 2:

1.   Ahava Rishona - Live in Olympia, Paris
2.   Kol Hashavua Lech - Live in Olympia, Paris
3.   Zemer Noga - Live in Olympia, Paris
4.   El El Israel - "Yechezkel" in French, live
5.   Maybe Someday - "Kama Naim" in English
6.   Your Eyes - "Bo'u Venarim Kosit" in English
7.   Soldat De Chocolate - "Chayal Shel Shokolad" in French
8.   El El Israel - "Yechezkel" in French
9.   El El Israel - "Yechezkel" in English
10. Anybody Needs A Lover - "Buba Zahava" in English
11. Kama Naim
12. Bo'u Venarim Kosit
13. Pegisha Bamiluim ("Reserve Duty Meeting" from the "Yerushalayim Shel Zahav"(1967) compilation)
14. Elisheva Ma Nechmedet (From the 1974 Song Festival)

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