Hanukkah Candles - Multicolor

Hanukkah Candles - Multicolor


Brand: Safed Candles

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 Height: 6" / 15 cm


In the ancient Holy City of Tzfat (Safed) nestled in the hills of the upper Galillee, skilled craftsmen create candles to bring the light of the Holy Land into your home.  In this beautiful set, each one is dipped in the age-old traditional manner in many wonderful shades that compliment each other and burn with a clear bright flame. The finishing touch is a pouring of crystallized lines and drops. The perfect gift for every taste.

This set contains 45 Hanukkah candles - enough to last for all eight days.

Burns over one hour.

Comes in an attractive cardboard box with clear plastic window.  On the back of the box you will find the Hanukkah candle lighting blessings both in English and Hebrew.