Israeli Independence Day Songs

Israeli Independence Day Songs


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Independence Day in a young country like Israel is a truly unforgettable experience!  And now, you can take part in it wherever you may be!  This wonderful collection of all the favorite Yom Ha’atzmaut songs performed for kids is just the perfect thing for your home or synagogue.

1.   Hag Kahol Lavan

2.   Yom Huledet Lamedina
3.   Eretz Israel Sheli

4.   Degel Israel
5.   Kol Ha’aretz Degalim

6.   Menorah Ve’anfei Zayit
7.   Eretz

8.   Hag Yovel

9.   Hinei Ma Tov Uma Naim
10. Lo Baym Velo Balaila
11. Etz Harimon
12. Mi Shetov Lo
13. Mi Barehev Mi Baregel
14. Hatyul Hakatan
15. Yesh Li Hag

16. Hatikvah