Israeli Rock Anthology 1967-2009. 5 CD Set

Israeli Rock Anthology 1967-2009. 5 CD Set


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Number of CD(s) in package: 5

This amazing collection covers more than 40 years of Israeli rock music with 88 songs spread over 5 CDs including all of Israel's most popular artists of all time!

When rock music was starting to take off in America and England, the Israeli music scene was dominated by the accordion and by Israeli versions of French and Russian folk and lounge music. It took a few years for Israel to catch up, but by the late 60s, rock had become an Israeli force not to be ignored. Over the years, the music scene in Israel has evolved into an incredibly diverse environment including fusions with almost any world music genre imaginable, as well as real basic roots rock.

This anthology gives a deep and broad overview of what rock music in Israel has to offer. Among the 88 songs are some of the most unforgettable classics of all time, including:

* Hahalonot Hagevohot (The High Windows) - Yehezkel

* The Churchills - When You're Gone

* Arik Einstein and Shalom Hanoch - Lama Li Lakahat Lalev

* Tammuz - Kaha At Ratzit Oti

* Rami Fortis - Red Me'al Masach Hatelevisia Sheli

* Shlomo Artzi - Shinuei Mezeg Ha'avir

* Yehudit Ravitz - Galui Vene'elam

* T-Slam - Radio Hazak

* Benzene - Mishmeret Laila

* Ehud Banai - Ir Miklat

* Meir Banai - Halomot Aherim

* Yehuda Poliker - Radio Ramallah

* Gidi Gov - Kimat Stav

* Barry Sacharoff - Kama Yossi

* Hahaverim Shel Natasha - Zakuk Lach

* Aviv Gefen - Achshav Me'unan

* Mashina - Ein Makom Aher

* Punch - Adina

* Hayehudim - Kach Oti

* Stella Maris - Ner Al Hahalon

* Knesiat Hasechel - Eich Ze Margish

* Erez Lev Ari - Levavtini

* Girafot - Gag