Lehakat HaNachal. The Collection

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The Best known songs of the 1960's, performed by Lehakat Hanachal.

Number of CD(s) in package: 1

1. Shalva
2. Karnival Bechul
3. BeSimla Aduma
4. Hayinu Po Hayinu Sham
5. HaChayim Hayafim
6. Acharon Chaviv
7. Anat
8. Al Hagal Hakal
9. Zionut Halo Tishaal
10. Betchila Bli Milim
11. Prachim VeNearot
12. Matilda
13. Eilu Tziporim
14. Numi Numi
15. Rachlaniot
16. Gever VeIsha
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