Mischa-Ketzev (Rhythm Fun). Ariella Savir

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Ariella Savir, the crown princess of Israeli childrens music, presents a disc full of activity songs with songs to dance to, songs for hands and fingers, and much more!  So much is packed into this one CD, your kids will never get bored with it!

Contains 41 tracks, including 20 songs. (Songs listed in bold)

The set comes with a lovely booklet featuring the Hebrew lyrics to all the songs.

In Hebrew

1.   Seder Baheder

2.   Nimha Kapayim

3.   Noshita Yad

4.   Yesh Li Bayit

5.   Kama Etzbaot

6.   Yadayim Bakisim

7.   Yofi Tofi

8.   Boom Boom Boom

9.   Rotzeh Lirkod?

10. Ten Li Et Yadecha

11. Mi Yuhal

12. Hatzida Uvahazara

13. Keshe'ani Er

14. Haguf Sheli

15. Tiyul Basviva

16. Ofnayim

17. Bekaf Ragli

18. Ekev Etzbaot

19. Yesh Li

20. Mitpahat

21. Keshehakelev Noveach

22. Im Tivrach

23. Heichan Holchim?

24. Batzidei Hadrachim

25. Abba, Le'an?

26. Hamechonit Shel Abba

27. Ach Teom

28. Mul Hamar'a

29. Yesh Mis'hakim

30. Babait Uvahutz

31. Mi Koreh?

32. Shalom Hi Mila

33. Lama Hadov?

34. Sus Doher

35. Kama Hem

36. Ahat Ve'od Ahat

37. Ani Muchrach Letzayen

38. Bo Haver

39. Kvar Me'uhar

40. Bo'u Ne'esof

41. Birkat Hamachberet

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