New Hebrew Verb Guide With Color-Coded Charts (Paperback)

New Hebrew Verb Guide With Color-Coded Charts (Paperback)


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Hebrew verb conjugations are the biggest challenge for English speakers trying to master Hebrew.  This fantastic new book contains 96 color-coded pages of charts showing all the groups, genders, and tenses for enough different verbs to give a complete picture of this most complicated aspect of Hebrew grammar.

The book is divided into three parts:

The first part is a Hebrew-English Dictionary comprising 4000 useful Hebrew verbs translated into English, enabling the learner to understand the meaning of the verbs in the book.  The dictionary also provides a short summary of the Hebrew alphabet and vowel signs.

The second part is a Guide to Hebrew VerbsThis guide is more complete and comprehensive than the dictionary, and includes verbs from spoken language and even slang.  In effect, this guide serves as the entry point in looking for a particular verb and its conjugation pattern in the appropriate table.

The third part comprises the Verb Tables.  The 264 tables are arranged according to the seven verb groups (binyanim).  Each verb group is divided in to different conjugations, tenses, and genders.

23cm X 16.5cm / 9" X 6.5"

softcover, 160 pages